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For 2017 the largest bear we killed was 409lb.. It was killed with the hounds.  Last year was a little slower than 2016 because all the natural food was loaded. This is like a once ever 15 year event. 2016 we had a 83.3% success rate. At the local store for the hole town the first week of the season 2017 there were only 16 bears checked in, compared to 2016 when there were over a hundred checked in the first week ane 8 of them were ours.  With that being said 2018 is going to be a super good year. Because very little of the natural food will produce this year after a year like last year. 2018 season the first week we are going to hunt a area that has not been bear hunted in over 4 years. So we should kill some larger than normal bears. We seen alot of good sign of large bears baiting there last year. This area is 25 miles off the hwy out in the woods.


I would like to thank all our customers (New and Repeat) for using our service.    

We have alot of fun in camp and riding to and from the stand's. Everyone is like family by the end of the week.

This story is over a year old but it is unique so i left it on here. 2016 we had a large bear killed over bait the first week of the season. It weighed 390 lb. killed by chuck in from New york. This was his second season hunting with us. I would like to tell you the story on this bear. A week or more before we were getting pictures of this bear on another bait about 12 miles away from where it was killed. The way we know it was the same bear is it had a scar on its hip that had no hair on it that was real light in color. The scar was real distinctive. We don't know what caused the scar if it was hit with a car or if it had been fighting with another large boar bear. Above you can see his bear in the picture's. 

We offer hound hunting for bear which is not for everyone. It is alot of fun with never a dull moment. It is action packed for you adrenaline junkies that like the excitement. For a houndsman there is nothing like hearing a pack of hounds on a bear early on a frosty morning. We have a 100% success rate with hound's. Just remember you don't have to worry about setting still to hound hunt like hunting over bait. Although there is some walking involved.

10% Veteran's discount on all bear hunts.